I came home from the synagogue the other day to have Deborah tell me that Noa wanted to share something with me.  It was a message that she wrote. It wasn’t for school. No one asked it of her. She just wanted to get something out.

Please accept this post as her gift…

“The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.” – Book of Baruch, Apocrypha

Hi mNoa and Fred in hosp 13y name is Noa and I have a great life.

When I was 3 weeks old I had a open heart surgery because I had 3 holes in my heart. This is a BIG part in my life! I am very thankful that I am here today. What happened when I was a baby has made me to who I am today. I have had lots of struggles in my life but I know that there is love all around me. My family and friends support me though everything!

Just recently I had a pacemaker put in and I had a lot of worries. So when I went to the doctor to make sure everything was doing okay and while I was there we asked some questions that they would be able to answer. After the appointment I felt much better. As time went on I felt stronger and stronger each day. i would talk to my parents about my worries and concerns and they said that telling your feelings to someone is very healthy for you. I feel like because of what happened I now have a stronger relationship with my parents and how I can talk to them about anything.

This was a big struggle in my life but my parents told me that not only does it take a while for the incision to heal but it takes even longer for the actual feelings to heal. When I am sad I talk to my parents and even my mom said that if I need a hug I can ask for one whenever I want. Also I learned that everything happens for a reason and believe it or not I am glad that this whole experience happened even if it involved worries, concerns, and a lot of crying.

My whole life experience has made me a stronger and better person.

I love my family so much to the moon and back!