Another great piece by my wife in recognition of National Disability Awareness Month. She shared this piece a few years ago… I wish we wouldn’t need a special month to advance issues of inclusion and access. I am grateful that the Jewish community is becoming more and more responsive, but we have a lot of work still to do.

Reflecting Out Loud

Mitzvah PicturesFebruary is Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month. A few years back, when I was writing, “Puzzled: Raising a Child With Autism & Other Pieces of Family Life” I shared these reflections. In addition to being on my blog, I was invited to share them once again with Jewish Family & Career Services. I just rediscovered it on their blog, and believe it to still be a timely & meaningful message. I hope that you will think so too. Because the values of inclusion, awareness & acceptance should be lived out every day in our synagogues.

Rabbi Eliezer says: Let other people’s dignity be as precious to you as your own. (Pirkei Avot 2:15)


Faith has always been an integral part of our family life. From the time our children were very young, we shared with them the traditions and beliefs that were a part of their Jewish heritage. As…

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